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Image: "Toni Gonzalez - Escena International". Consultant on mobility and arts development
Now more than ever we support the transformation, development and mobility of performing arts projects and organizations.
We will explain how!!

More than ever, this catastrophic year which we have left behind, has forced all to face the future with hope. The worst aspects of the crisis are possibly over, nevertheless it is a time to reinvent and rebuild. Moreover times have changed, and subsequently old practices have to be redefined, alongside the introduction of new practices.

We will continue to work together to transform, develop and make the performing arts mobile. As a consequence we have developed methodologies, action plans and diagnostics to make it possible. The goal remains the same. It is to ensure that live art continues to be essential for all. To achieve this we need economically sustainable artistic projects and organisations. We can support you to succeed!!

Mentors 2020: Projects and the redefining of business models
Image: "El Pot Petit" and Toni Gonzalez.

In a year as difficult for arts and culture as 2020, we are very proud that organisations and companies of the performing arts and music have had confidence in our ability to redefine and transform their projects and business models.

Despite the challenges of 2020, we have had immense luck with accompanying: "El Pot Petit", "Flamenco Agency", "MuOM - Ecstatic Voices", "InDance International - Harriet Macauley", "Aboon Teatre" and "La Petita Malumaluga". We have learned from all organisations and projects on how to grow, expand and face high risk situations with confidence. (go to the full list of our clients)

Now it is time to focus on the economic sustainability of your artistic projects. We can support you!!
We offer the follow services: "mentoring on strategic development and transformation" or "mentoring on mobility and internationalisation", please contact us.

How we support the transformation of business models of cultural sectors
Image: Steps to transform business models of cultural sectors

This text demonstrates methodologies for the transformation and development of projects and organisations in the Performing Arts and Music.

IMPORTANT COVID-19: Strategies for development in COVID-19. If you or your organisation need to adapt your business model to meet the changing demands of COVID-19, do not hesitate to contact us.

(find out how we work).

New free online training guide on development of mobility for creative projects
Image: Home page of the online training guide

The content was developed by Toni Gonzalez, as is a project of "Barcelona Activa" in the frame of the European Interreg Mediterranean project "CHEBEC".

The online course is free and can be done when deemed necessary. The way in which information is presented potentiates users to dive into the information which is relevant to them and their projects.

The training guide on mobility and internationalisation is designed for Creative and Artistic organisations interested in learning and starting on a new path towards the Mobility of projects to reach New Markets. (access to the online guide)

"Brand" and "Projects" in arts and culture
Image: "MuOM - Ecstatic Voices".

Being able to differentiate between "Brands" and "Projects" in the arts sectors allows us to effectively investigate the values that make them unique and, in this way, sustainable.(read the whole article)

Website and artistic narrative
Image: Webpage of "Manifesto Poetico".

What characterises and differentiates artistic organisations is the “Artistic Narrative”. Therefore is it a priority to ensure communication is clearly defined and articulated on your website.

In this article, we present a method of how to design your website accurately, to communicate a strong artistic narrative. More importantly, it will form the basis for the development of projects. (go to the article)

Workshops and talks
Image: Mobility workshop in Medellín (Colombia)

Training and Programs are aimed at organisations as well as artists with cultural and artistic projects, whether consolidated or grassroots. In addition all programs are tailored for Cultural Managers who seek to reorientate their career.

Training for 2021 consists of the following:

The workshops and courses: Practical Workshops and Courses are in small groups of a maximum of 12 people. Or a higher number of participants in Courses. Each workshop is 12 hours and each course is a maximum of 40 hours. Participants are assigned time to concentrate on their own projects or work with real-case studies.

The capsules: present specific content and are delivered in sessions of up to 4 hours.

The talks: Knowledge on sustainable development and the Mobility of Culture. 

(more information)

Free download "Building the Artistic Narrative for Mobility"
Image: Front page of "Building the artistic narrative for mobility"

"Building the artistic narrative for mobility", a practical guide to rethink and communicate your own cultural or artistic activity, in a complete, synthetic, rigorous and, at the same time, differentiated way (available only in Spanish). (free download here)

Recommended Resources for Mobility
Image: Recommended resources web page

Bibliography: Handbooks for mobility and internationalisation.

Financing: The different programmes of subsidies for mobility.

Information and support:
Information and international support centres. Structures around the world for practical information on a particular country or internationally.

Meeting points: Fairs, markets, networks, meeting points for professionals of performing arts and live music.

(free access to resources)

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