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For many 2020 has been the worst year in living memory, business’ have closed globally at an alarming rate, lives have been ruined, families separated, and many have paid the ultimate price. I am sure there is not one person reading this who has not had their life touched in some way by this pandemic and all we can say is that we hope you pull through this!

ShenzhenEat have been leading the way in online restaurant delivery for expatriates in Shenzhen since 2012 but with the border closed to so many we had to ask ourselves, could we survive for an undetermined amount of time with a fraction of our normal income? Many a sleepless night was had, and every decision second guessed.

Like many, ShenzhenEat had a decision to make, namely go big or go home.

We are not the quiet shy or retiring type, and we are not ready to go home, one option was left – let’s go BIG!

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Months ago, our team at ShenzhenEat got together and discussed launching our own delivery driver service, we felt that this was something holding us back when compared to some local services. 

This was confirmed when we publicly asked some our users to give us some feedback on what they wanted improved.

We looked at teaming up with some of the common third-party delivery services, but they simply couldn’t meet the ShenzhenEat service standards, something that we were determined to maintain.

Then it struck us, if we were gonna work with a delivery service, why wouldn’t we just work with the best damned delivery service in China? That genuinely only left one option, SF Express!

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Meetings were had, visions exchanged, and it was decided that ShenzhenEat x SF Express was the future of food delivery in Shenzhen. Contracts were signed and a formidable partnership was created.

Now this might all sound like hyperbole, I mean, what’s the difference between one driver compared to another, they’re all the same, right? Wrong!

To those of you that have dealt with delivery drivers (food or otherwise) in China, you will know that SF Express are simply a cut above the rest. Professional, courteous, timely, and packages are dealt with respect. This is not the exception; this is the rule.

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How does this affect me? I hear you ask, why, I am pleased you asked!

When you look through the ShenzhenEat Mini Program (changes to website coming soon) you will see some restaurants have the SF icon next to their name, when you order from one of the restaurants displaying that logo you can be assured that SF are contractually obliged to collect and deliver the food within a certain time, not only that, but you can now track every part of the delivery process from start to finish! 

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That’s right, you will be able to see when your order was placed, accepted by the restaurant, when SF Express have collected your food and watch as it makes it way to your address!

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We have been testing this for months across Shenzhen and the results are remarkable, especially in bad weather. The delivery speed for some restaurants has genuinely halved and on a personal experience my pizza once arrived so hot that I had to wait for it to cool down before I could eat it!

Gone are the days of rude drivers, drivers asking for codes or slow deliveries just because there was a drop of rain!

This all comes at the same time as ShenzhenEat re-release our WeChat Mini Program to host these changes and dozens more, it’s genuinely more than we could possibly tell you about in one e-mail!

I know many of you reading this are itching to return to Shenzhen and for many it looks like that will happen soon, we can’t wait to see you soon!

For those that have been supporting us during this awful time, please accept our most sincere thanks, we do this for you!

Chris & ShenzhenEat Team

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