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Welcome to Michigan’s twisted, terrifying politics.

Welcome to Michigan’s twisted, terrifying politics, where Democrats and even some Republicans fear that a Trumpist purge of local and state election officials could lead to even greater chaos than last time.


Meijer felt angry and betrayed, “like I’d seen something sacred get trampled on.” He told himself that Trump needed to pay. But he worried that a rash impeachment of the president might unleash an even uglier convulsion than the one he’d just survived.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls Biden’s vaccine mandate ‘a problem’ for businesses

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is voicing concern over a federal vaccine mandate proposed by President Joe Biden, appearing to break rank with her fellow Democrat in a high-stakes debate over the governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

6 states account for more than half of the country’s recent Covid hospitalizations (Hint: One of them is Michigan)

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois have accounted for the majority of the country’s increase in hospital beds filled, according to an NBC News analysis of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data.

GOP Michigan education official: State should end required school attendance

Republican State Board of Education member Tom McMillin says Michigan should end its school attendance policies that broadly require parents to ensure their children are in class after the mass shooting at Oxford High School.

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As COVID-19 surges in Michigan, no new restrictions planned by state

Michigan’s top public health official, in the face of the state’s worst surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations since the pandemic began, indicated again on Friday that the Whitmer administration has no plans to enact any new restrictions.

MIGOP attempt to take credit for $400 refunds for Michigan drivers?

Michigan House Speaker Jason Wentworth, a top Republican lawmaker, pushed back last week on the idea that Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer deserved the credit for $400 refunds on the way for drivers in the state.

No more federal teams available if strain on hospitals increases, MDHHS director says

While the Department of Defense sent federal teams to a number of Michigan hospital systems to relieve the strain, no more federal teams are available, according to Elizabeth Hertel, director of MDHHS.

Court won’t order hospital to use deworming drug on man

The Michigan Court of Appeals won’t order a hospital to use a deworming drug to treat a man who has health problems related to COVID-19.

Michigan’s public colleges and universities struggle to find answers as enrollment takes a nose dive

Eastern Michigan University history professor Ashley Bavery was chosen for a new classroom amid the COVID-19 pandemic – a Zoom-fitted “HyFlex” course to teach students online and in-person.

Michigan vaccination rates lag national average, contributing to ‘dire’ strain on hospitals

Michigan currently has among the nation’s highest COVID-19 case rates and ranks No. 1 in the seven-day average for hospitalizations.

Liquor sellers push to lower alcohol serving age to 17

As restaurants and bars struggle for staff, the pool of bartenders, servers and liquor sellers could increase if an effort to lower the minimum age requirement to sell and serve alcohol becomes law.

Statement by President Joe Biden On Kellogg Collective Bargaining Negotiations

Collective bargaining is an essential tool to protect the rights of workers that should be free from threats and intimidation from employers.

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Crews search for the missing after devastating tornadoes

Rescuers combed through fields of wreckage after a tornado outbreak roared across the middle of the U.S., leaving dozens dead and communities in despair.

Rand Paul begs Biden for federal aid to Kentucky tornado victims -- after a career of voting 'no' when others needed the same

Throughout his two terms in the U.S. Senate, Paul has prided himself as a Tea Party fiscal conservative willing to say no to the most milquetoast causes if federal spending is involved. Opposing federal disaster relief is one of his pastimes.

Player In PowerPoint Election Overthrow Plot Reportedly Talked Often With Mark Meadows

A retired Army colonel who contributed to and helped circulate a PowerPoint with a plan to overthrow the democratic election of Joe Biden told The Washington Post that he discussed the vote as many as ten times with former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Watchdog: Federal anti-terror unit investigated journalists

A special Customs and Border Protection unit used sensitive government databases intended to track terrorists to investigate as many as 20 U.S.-based journalists, including a Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press reporter, according to a federal watchdog.

Gavin Newsom proposes bounty on assault weapons after Supreme Court Texas abortion law ruling

In a move predicted by legal experts, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has proposed enacting a law in California that would allow Californians to sue manufacturers and sellers of assault weapons or ghost gun kits used in crimes.

Tucker Carlson Goes Ballistic On Jim Cramer for Gushing About Biden’s Economy: ‘In a Normal Country’ He’d ‘Be Cleaning Your Pool’

On his Fox News show Friday night, Tucker Carlson attacked CNBC star Jim Cramer over recent commentary about inflation and the economy under President Joe Biden, accusing him of being a “shameless hack” and bringing up past Cramer commentary on Bear Stearns.

As the 2022 campaign kicks off in Georgia, 2020 casts a long shadow

When Brian Kemp first ran for governor of Georgia in 2018, there was little doubt about his conservative credentials.

Trump rally features 'many empty seats' — prompting closure of arena's top level

Donald Trump's event with former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Saturday had so many empty seats that organizers closed the top bowl of the stadium.

Governor Trying to Outlaw Abortion Cares About Bodily Autonomy for [Checks Notes] Anti-Vaxxers

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott wants you to know you have “the right to control and secure your own body” — unless, that is, you’re seeking an abortion.

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Battle’s season-high 27 boosts Minnesota past Michigan 75-65

Jamison Battle scored a season-high 27 points — with 21 coming after halftime — as Minnesota launched a ferocious rally in the second period to beat Michigan 75-65 on Saturday night.

No. 19 Michigan State beats Penn State 80-64

“Tyson, the guy that stirs the drink usually gets the team going,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said after the Spartans’ 80-64 win Saturday over Penn State. “He’s doing that now, and it’s been fun to watch.”

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