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Scottish born and currently Canadian Alternative artist RIIVER BRUKES is happy to announce the signing of a deal with Epictronic for the release of her masterpiece album "Reformed Soul", which will be out on the 25th of March, 2022.

Riiver Brukes - Statement on Album Release and Signing

Completing ‘Reformed Soul’ has been an experience, some downs - but mostly up’s and a whole lot of fun. It’s definitely a labor of love but one that is so rewarding and fulfilling. I am beyond excited that Epictronic Records have listened, heard and liked the ‘Reformed Soul’ album. Words cannot express how thrilled I am - and fortunate to have been invited to sign to this great and vibrant young Label. I look forward to a wonderful and successful collaboration with Epictronic on this new exciting adventure ahead.

Cover & tracklist

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1. When Tomorrow Comes

2. Going Crazy

3. It Ain’t Right

4. Mamma Used to Say

5. Love Me Like U Do

6. How I Roll

7. Break the Chains

8. Susie

9. Hurricane

10. Good Thing

"Break the Chains" Official Video

Riiver Brukes - Break the Chains - YouTube

‘Break The Chains‘ is a song about equality and rights for all human beings. The color of a person’s skin is irrelevant as is their place of origin, their personal beliefs, or anything else. What really matters is what is in their heart and their actions toward others. We should never lose sight of that – and that is why we must break the chains that divide us.


Riiver Brukes has been making waves her way. Scottish born and currently Canadian, Riiver Brukes is a prime example of someone not requiring a lot of teaching. Her unusual gritty and soulful voice brings a powerful edge to some amazing hook laden songs, and is influenced by a broad spectrum of genres and artists, but especially her passion for jazz and blues. Rising through a foundation built from various bands including pop band Cicero (#11 European Dance Charts), Edinburgh’s very own Riiver Brukes releases her first solo album, ‘Reformed Soul’ (co-written and produced by Joe Segreti: Bruno Pelletier, Mooch): An album that oozes nothing less than the attitude, character and soul of this Scottish Lassie.

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